BoardsMTO is designed with your organization in mind and can customize many options from the “Frequently Requested Topics” list.


  • Any length from 1 – 6 hours per day, including weekends and evenings
  • BoardsMTO offers single workshops or a comprehensive series.

Executive Director and Board Officer Coaching

  • Face-to-face, phone and / or e-mail.


  • At regular or special board meetings, retreats, or workshops. We address difficult or even treacherous territory, resolving and diffusing potentially contentious issues.


New Board Member Orientation

  • Provide your newest board recruits with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Community Impact Planning

  • Integrating vision, mission, values into a comprehensive action plan.

Bylaw Revision

  • Utilizing BoardsMTOʼs expertise in examining and amending your bylaws. Recommended every 2 years.

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